Heather Henniger is a fitness professional who has assisted me for the past 6 years. She helped me to progress from an overweight person who participated in no fitness activities to a healthy weight and very active lifestyle.

Heather has always encouraged and inspired me. She is someone who I can trust to hear and acknowledge my thoughts and then provide positive motivation to help me reach my goals. I really admire Heather, because she is willing to share her own struggles and still face life with a joyful attitude which is absolutely contagious.  She is reliable, consistent, fun loving, and always positive. Those are the qualities which make her a great professional partner.

Jennifer Dahlmann

You are lucky and on your way to your best you if you have found Heather Henniger! Heather ‘appeared’ in my life during a time when I needed more courage and inspiration.  After being a student in only one of her dance classes, I was hooked! And it wasn’t just the fun dancing, great music and open atmosphere. As a teacher, Heather helps guide her students to fully embrace themselves. It’s all about letting go and loving what’s there.

There are some people you gravitate towards because of their energy, message, vibe, aura, attitude…and Heather is one of those special people.  She has helped me fully embrace myself, flaws and all.  She is a beacon of light and will no doubt bring that hope and encouragement to her clients.

Bari Snyder